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Why kikos

​     When we decided to expand our goat operation to include meat goats breeds we read up on the different breeds of meat goats. We were very impressed with the Kiko breed. The American Kiko Goat Assoc. lists several advantages of the Kiko breed:

- Exceptional maternal instinct

- Parasite resistance

- Aggressive Foragers

- Vigorous fast growing kids

- Less hoof problems

- Excellent crossbreeding

- Improved carcass yields

When the breed was first being established the early criteria was based on survival ability and growth rate.

In our part of the country the Boer goat industry is big. But, over the years many Boer goat owners are becoming dissatisfied with the Boer goats and have started looking for a new breed that would withstand the hot, humid climate in our area.

The IKGA believe that “ Boer producers can benefit from using production performance of the Kiko to to enhance their own meat production programs. The cross of the two breeds can produce beneficial hybrid vigor.” “Taking advantage of both fantastic breeds positive traits. The IKGA recognizes this unique hybrid as the “American Meatmaker”.